Premier Examination Gown

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This Long Sleeve Premier Examination Gown is suitable for use by both healthcare professionals and their patients. Easy to don, the gown covers body and clothing, creating a physical barrier to the transfer of microorganisms and protection from splashes and spills.

Sold in cases of 50 Gowns

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Gowns overlap at the back to provide full, comfortable and dignified cover.

Made from latex free, spunbond polypropylene (27gsm) with 5cm, cotton blend cuffs, the gowns are single use and can be worn by staff and/or patients in minimum risk areas.

  • Clean, comfortable, cost-effective
  • Spunbond Polypropylene (27gsm)
  • Cuffs made from cotton blend fabric
  • Latex free

Length: 104cm

Width: 137cm

Sleeve Length: 60cm

Cuffs: 5cm


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