Super Absorbent Gelpad
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Super Absorbent Gelpad

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SafetyGel Absorbent Pads are used to absorb large amounts of water, making them ideal for use in wash bowls. When placed in the bottom of a wash bowl or bed pan, the pads help minimise the risk of splashes or spillages, preventing contamination and aiding infection control.

The new and revolutionary pad from Safetygel is designed to meet a wide range of health and hygiene challenges in hospitals, clinics, care homes, surgeries and a whole range of environments - even the home. Just 1 SafetyGel® pad will absorb up to 4 litres of unwanted or dangerous liquid in under a minute.

Sold in boxes of 100 Gel Pads

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Apply it to spills, use in disposable washbowls, waste bags, larger sharps containers and indeed any receptacle where there is a risk of dangerous spillage. Once the unwanted liquid is absorbed, the fast-acting Safetygel® pad can be simply and safely disposed of without fear of further spill or contamination.

SafetyGel® Absorbent Pad, a unique, cost-effective solution against infection, contamination, splashes and spills.

  • Handy dispenser box
  • Quantity 100 pads
  • Pads 20x20cm
  • Each absorbs up to 4L of liquid

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