Adapting to Change

Being away from people we care about during lockdown was not easy for anyone. We all missed our family and friends, but at Datesand we’ve really missed having the whole team together every day.

With smiling faces, plenty of jokes and just good company, working in our own small spaces was something that was never easy to get used to. 

Keeping the team together, keeping in touch and reminding employees of their value has been a priority at Datesand. Like the rest of the world, we have all become experts in Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that we can keep up active communication and see each other's lovely faces on a regular basis. 


We’ve had regular whole team catch-ups and the team were all treated to care packages to deliver to their door with a mix of essentials and treats.



As lockdown began to ease in the UK, we were delighted to re-introduce more team members into the office on a rota system. It was important to us that we could offer everyone the chance to have that much-needed change of scenery and see some familiar faces in the flesh.

In the office, we have introduced a range of practices throughout this period to ensure that anyone within the office is kept safe and are keeping others safe. Every hour we have an alarm reminder to sanitise hands. We have markers around desks to keep our distance and reminders not to use hands when pushing open doors. Our smaller rooms now have maximum capacities to make sure distance is kept and all individual workspaces must be cleaned with disinfectant after each day. There are several sanitising points and PPE and health forms are mandatory for essential visitors.