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Thermoregulation is vital to any species, which is why nesting material must be light, comfortable and warm.

Datesand presents: Sizzle Nest, a high-quality, dust-free nesting material that is suitable for any caged or penned animals.

Designed to resemble materials rodents instinctively use to nest, Sizzle Nest is light and springy enough to build the cosiest of nests.

Disposable nesting & enrichment in a cage environment should not come at a cost to the environment. That's why our Sizzle Nest is made from Recycled Paper Pulp, rather than Virgin Pulp.

In fact, every 1000kg of recycled paper avoids the use of:

  • 17 trees
  • 1440litres oil
  • 2.3 cubic metres landfill
  • 4000kW energy
  • 26500 litres water 

Your mice won't notice the difference, but the planet will.

1 box contains 120L of Sizzle Nest

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When left to their own devices, paper is most rodents preferred nesting material. It is light enough to drag to the right location, capable of trapping pockets of nice, warm air and is soft enough to provide comfort whilst being just strong enough to hold its shape. That’s why our Sizzle Nest is made from unbleached kraft paper which is cut and folded to create the ultimate nesting substrate.

The long strands encourage natural burrowing activity and help rodents build their preferred dome-shaped nest. Its high absorption capacity means bedding stays dry for added comfort, once soiled Sizzle Nest is easy to dispose of and replace.

  • Clean, comfortable, cost-effective
  • Virtually dust free
  • Ideal for all cage types
  • Certified GLP compliant
  • Suitable for all species
  • Enhances cage environment
  • Aids thermoregulation

Did you know, every 1000kg of recycled paper avoids the use of:

  • 17 trees
  • 1440 litres of oil
  • 2.3 m3 of landfill
  • 4000kW of energy
  • 26500 litres of water

This is why Datesand’s SizzleNest  is made from 100% recycled paper pulp.
You can be confident that in cage results will be identical and a full CofA is available for every batch.
Ask us about a FREE TRIAL – we can guarantee you’ll like the results.

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  • Brown Kraft Paper


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