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Once they have the ideal layer of substrate, your animals need a comfortable nesting material. Small mammals love their creature comforts almost as much as they love to dig, forage and investigate.

Why not provide them with a nesting material that caters to both? These soft textured Paper Shavings offer a clean, comfortable and absorbent solution!

Combining a high level of warmth and comfort with superb cleanliness and disposability, our Paper Shavings give your curious rodents an excellent source of foraging and nesting material!

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The light and fluffy texture traps warm air and body heat, ensuring your animals have a cosy place to sleep. The naturally absorbent Paper Shavings boast a high level of cleanliness and disposability, meaning cage changes are never a chore.

Our shavings are carefully shredded into short flakes to minimise the risk of tangling and allowing your animals plenty of opportunities for burrowing. Autoclavable or can be supplied Irradiated.

  • Clean, Comfortable, Cost-effective
  • Paper Shavings make a soft, clean and comfortable bedding/nesting material
  • Ideal for all cage types
  • Short flakes minimise risk of tangling
  • Certified GLP Compliant
  • Autoclavable
  • Can be supplied Irradiated
  • External teller dot & date stamp visible to ensure sterility


  • Datesand Group
  • Dog
  • Guinea Pig
  • Hamster
  • Mouse
  • Rabbit
  • Rat
  • Cellulose
Sack Size
  • 10kg


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