540ml Nestpak with Eco-Pure Chips 2
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540ml Nestpak with Eco-Pure Chips 2

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Combining FDA Paper with quality, Certificated Wood bedding, the Nestpak is an innovative, patented, 3-in-1 bedding, nesting and enrichment device. These self-contained bedding/nesting sachets not only deliver a precise and consistent amount of substrate, they utilise your animals natural instincts to shred and forage to build their nests.

With a wide range of bedding, nesting and enrichment fillings to choose from, the permutations are endless! Order our most popular combinations online today or give our Customer Care team a call to find the Nestpak solution that most suits your needs.

One box contains 180 NestPaks          

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You get a perfectly portioned amount of bedding that makes it easy to dispense a consistent volume of quality substrate. Your animals get to shred through quality FDA paper and forage through 540ml of Aspen 2HK, allowing them to build their nest in a way that caters to their instincts.

Produced from top-quality raw Aspen (populous tremula), Aspen Chips 2 has been scientifically proven to significantly improve animal welfare, reduce ammonia levels and minimise leaks in automated watering systems.

  • Made from top quality Nordic Aspen
  • Ideal for all cage types
  • Suitable for all species, particularly rodents
  • Reduces cage changes, minimising animal stress levels
  • Premium product
  • Conforms to GLP Standards
  • 260% absorption capacity
  • Reduces ammonia levels
  • Moisture content <10%
  • Autoclavable
  • IVC Cage compatible

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