DietGel Recovery 2oz Cup - Irradiated

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DietGel Recovery is a nutrient fortified water gel that aids in the recovery of post-surgical, weak or impaired rodents. Proven to increase survival rates in pups and compromised animals, it is formulated from purified ingredients and provides 60% water, calories and minerals -may be removed from the cup.

From rodents to primates, animals love the enhanced flavor and get more electrolytes than ever for a better and faster recovery from surgery or illness.

For an ideal serving method, see the Nombrero HERE.

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Sold in cases of 96 cups

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Made from FDA approved materials, DietGel Recovery needs no refrigeration or special handling. The soft gel formulation is designed to promote consumption and retain moisture.

Portioned in Tyvek® medical packaging, each pot is individually coded with lot number and expiry date.

Improving Welfare

  • Increases pup survival rates
  • Increases post-surgical survival rate
  • Soft gel formulation promotes consumption
  • Aids in overall health during long-term shipping

Quality Assured

  • Made from FDA approved materials
  • Stored at room temperature – no refrigeration required
  • Come with a certificate of analysis by batch
  • Individually coded with lot number & expiry date
  • Sterile – gamma irradiated

Ingredients: Purified Water, Corn Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Hydrocolloids, Wheat Protein, Electrolyte Mix, Food Acid, Mineral Mix.

Shelf Life: 24 month shelf life from production.

Does not require refrigeration or special handling.


  • Clear H2O
  • Hamster
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Swine


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