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DietGel Criticare, formulated with Timothy Hay, is a nutritionally fortified supplement for herbivores that are unwilling to eat their normal diet, due to illness, surgery or malnutrition.

Proven to improve digestive health, it is formulated from purified ingredients in FDA approved facilities.

For an ideal serving method, see the Nombrero HERE.

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Sold in cases of 72 cups

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Made from purified ingredients, DietGel Criticare needs no refrigeration or special handling. Its 24-month shelf life means you can always have some on hand when needed.

DietGel Criticare provides efficient hydration and calorific content, containing hydrocolloids (to give it its gel texture), food acid for preservation and a blend of fruit and plant proteins.

The soft gel formulation and natural flavour are designed to promote consumption and acceptance. Portioned in Tyvek® medical packaging, individually coded with lot number and expiry date.

Delivering Solutions

  • Suited for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Flavourful soft gel formulation promotes consumption
  • Improves proper gut health and digestion, and aids recovery
  • Ready to use - no mixing required

Delivering Quality

  • Tyvek® medical packaging
  • Gamma irradiated
  • Purified ingredients exclude phytoestrogens and nitrosamines
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration

Ingredients: Purified Water, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Plant Protein (Soybean), Pumpkin, Timothy Hay, Cellulose, Mineral Mix, Vegetable Oil, Food Acids, Hydrocolloids, Vitamin Mix

Shelf Life: 24-month shelf life from production.

Does not require refrigeration or special handling.


  • Clear H2O
  • Guinea Pig
  • Rabbit


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