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Mouse Tunnels - Red Polycarbonate

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Providing rodents with a safe refuge is vital to their wellbeing and promoting positive behaviours. Our Rodent Tunnels offer that secure, sheltered hiding place without adversely affecting the visibility of carers carrying out cage checks. These tunnels can also be useful as a handling device, offering a simple way to separate an individual in multi-animal environments.

Why not maximise useable floor space by suspending your Rodent Tunnel with our innovative Tunnel Clip.

Size: 100 mm length x  50mm Inside Dia x 3mm wall thickness


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Made using 3mm thick, high temp polycarbonate our Rodent Tunnels can withstand heavy usage and are ideal for use in single or multi-animal environments. 

Transparent enough to ensure no loss of carer visibility, Rodent Tunnels are tinted in a choice of red or amber, providing a sense of sanctuary by reducing the level of perceived light.

Suspending your Rodent Tunnel not only maximises available floor space, it also allows your animals to climb, providing ample opportunity to play and explore, relieving boredom and reducing aggressive behaviour. View our Tunnel Clip HERE

  • Certified (Contaminant Screened)
  • Made of high temp polycarbonate
  • Offers rodents shelter and security
  • Transparency makes routine cage checks easy and fast
  • Helps reduce boredom and aggressive behaviours
  • To increase physical activity and usable floor space, suspend with the optional stainless-steel hanger or a Tunnel Clip
  • Autoclavable & Cagewasher safe



  • Datesand Group
  • Hamster
  • Mouse
  • Polycarbonate


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