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A worthy winner of the 2019 JWI Award Sarah Taylor & Datesand present: The Rat Scratcher! Simply suspend from the cage bars and watch as your rats queue up to have their turn! Designed to encourage natural, relaxing behaviour in rats, the Rat Scratcher allows your animals to self-soothe and promote healthy grooming habits

Give your rats access to a Rat Scratcher and see for yourself why a panel of industry insiders awarded The Rat Scratcher the Janet Wood Innovation Award.

Sold in packs of 25 Rat Scratchers

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Made from hard-wearing, non-toxic N6 Nylon, the Rat Scratcher was designed to reduce stress and promote natural behaviour and grooming in rats. With its easy clip-on fitting, this award-winning environmental enrichment device can be suspended from cage bars, allowing rodents to pass underneath and brush themselves by rubbing on the textured surface.

Simply attach to the bars of your rats’ cage and not only can they get that boost of dopamine that comes from a good back scratch, you also supplement their grooming regime and add enrichment without taking up any valuable floor space!

  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves and refines welfare standards
  • Promotes natural behaviour
  • Cagewasher safe
  • Autoclavable
  • Simple, proven clip-on design
  • Made from certified N6 Nylon

Designed by Sarah Taylor as an entry to the 2019 Janet Wood Innovation Award.

Click Here for more information about the JWI Award program.


  • Datesand Group
  • Rat
  • Nylon


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