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Datesand Presents: The Mouse Igloo The Mouse Igloo is an open bottomed shelter designed to fit all cage types. The tinted polycarbonate dome provides a feeling of security for the animal, whilst allowing good carer visibility for efficient cage checks. The open bottomed design prevents urine build up and stacks easily, allowing for space saving, convenient storage.

Easy to clean, store and reuse, this versatile shelter is cagewasher safe and autoclavable. When paired with a Fast-Trac, the Mouse Igloo really comes into its own. Adding exercise and enrichment without taking up any additional floor space. Available in Blue, Amber & Red

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As a stand-alone product, the Mouse Igloo is an excellent addition to any environment, the tinted polycarbonate, open bottom design and multiple entrance points give your animals that vital sense of shelter and security that all animals crave. Tinted yet transparent, your mice feel safe and secure and their technicians can perform cage checks with ease.

Three entrance points allow nesting mothers to carry their chosen nesting substrate into the igloo, making it a great addition to breeding programs Made from high temp polycarbonate, the Mouse Igloo is strong, durable and easy to clean, store and reuse!

  • Certified (Contaminant Screened)
  • Made from tinted transparent polycarbonate
  • Designed to fit all cage types
  • Good visibility for cage checks
  • Provides shelter and a secure place to build a nest
  • Easy to clean, store and reuse
  • Autoclavable
  • Cagewasher safe

Combine the Mouse Igloo with a Fast-Trac to boost its versatility! A shelter, exercise and enrichment item, in one space saving innovation.

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  • Bio-Serv
  • Aquatic
  • Mouse
  • Polycarbonate


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